DotVVM Tip 04: Join CSS classes without complicated expressions


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DotVVM syntax is different from Razor. Instead of concatenating fragments of CSS classes, just use class-* property and specify a boolean expression indicating whether the class shall be included or not.

// Razor
<div class="order-total 
            @(Pizzas.Count > 0 ? "" : "hidden")">
    Total: ...

// DotVVM
<div class="order-total" 
     class-hidden="{value: Pizzas.Count > 0}">
    Total: ...

You can join as many classes as you want. They will be dynamically added or removed as the underlying properties in the viewmodel change.

Tomáš Herceg
Tomáš Herceg


I am the CEO of RIGANTI, small software development company located in Prague, Czech Republic.

I am a Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional.

I am the author of DotVVM, an open source .NET-based web framework which lets you build Line-of-Business applications easily and without writing thousands lines of Javascript code.

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