Our Services

Solution Architecture

The world of software is very complicated and there are many ways how to deliver a functional and reliable software solution.
Do you want to have application hosted in a cloud or on your own infrastructure? Is it worth to develop all parts from the scratch, or is it possible to integrate with an existing solution or its part? Do you have data scattered across several databases? Do you need an advice on how to organize and structure code of the application so it can be reused and maintained?
We can propose a solution based on these questions. Together with you, we identify the crucial parts which your solution consists of, document the data flows and external systems connected to the application, and design how the solution should look like and how to reach it.

Custom Software Development

Our projects are mostly based on Microsoft technologies: ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework, Xamarin or WPF. However, other platforms are not an obstacle for us.
We can integrate with existing solutions like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our web applications are built in ASP.NET and we use standard technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 with most modern approaches and tools. We have extensive experience with popular UI frameworks Angular and React. For information systems, we have developed our own open source framework DotVVM, which is nicely integrated with the .NET platform and which makes us much more productive. This framework is used by other companies from more than 40 countries across the world and is becoming more and more popular, especially in the world of line of business applications.

Information Systems

Information systems, admin portals or analytic dashboards are the most demanded types of applications. We have seen many CRM, ERP, MES and similar systems used in companies including ready-made solutions that can be customized - Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce and more.
We have developed several ERP systems that are used in manufacturing companies and where any outage would be critical. We also have experience with user interface design for this type of applications.
To make the development efficient, we have developed DotVVM - our own framework which makes building of this kind of applications considerably much easier – it includes a variety of ready-made components that solve common problems and customer requirements.

Design, Frontend and UX

The overall appearance of the application, website, or information system is also an integral part of our projects. We have broad experience with creating UI for websites, web applications and portals, e-commerce sites, or complex information systems and line of business applications where the user needs to work with large amounts of data.
You can expect us to create templates that are fully responsive, optimized and modular. All designs are tested on real devices that your clients use. If necessary, we can edit and finalize an existing design, or create a brand new from scratch. All our websites are SEO aware and designed with respect to the user behavior.
We always try to move forward. We use the latest technologies, tools and practices. Our typical frontend work includes SASS with OOCSS approach as well as other commonly used libraries and frameworks.

Consulting & Training

We have considerable know-how that we share with other companies. Three RIGANTI employees have been recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals - an award granted by Microsoft to experts in the field for speaking at conferences, writing technical articles, participating in open source projects, or working in technical communities.
We helped many companies and development teams to design their solutions, choose the right technologies, or to build an educational plan that includes different areas of .NET and related technologies, so their team is ready to work on their new project. We are interested in cloud colutions, especially in Microsoft Azure platform. We can help with choosing the right cloud services and patterns in terms of performance and operating costs. We have helped several companies with a transition from PHP to .NET, which included extensive team trainings and regular code reviews provided by us.

Modernization of Legacy Systems

Every day, we meet companies with systems older than 10 years. They often need our help with maintaining and modernizing these systems. To rewrite such a system from scratch is usually not possible, since this is an extreme amount of work, and it is often economically irrelevant.
We have broad experience with such systems - actually, some of our projects were started by someone else and the clients came to us years later, often with a severe technological debt in the project. We are capable to take over, maintain, support, develop and modernize such systems. We can inspect these applications using a variety of diagnostic tools to find out where are the weaknesses, performance and security issues, and update them step by step, while the application still works and can be extendede with new features.

System Integrations

Only a few applications are isolated from the outside world – mostly, they are integrated with various systems through different APIs or synchronization tools.
Thanks to our largest project, which is connected to dozens of theater point of sale systems, and which provides various integration options for third parties who can make sales through it, we have a lot of experience in this area.
We have standed behind the design and development of several integration platforms that are currently being used in several manufacturing companies. We know the power of cloud technologies and we have an overview of services in this area, such as Azure API Management, Mashery, and others.


DotVVM is an open source framework we developed to simplify the development of web applications, especially enterprise and line of business websites and various admin sites. Unlike other technologies (Angular, React), DotVVM does not require any knowledge of JavaScript and it is very easy to learn by anyone who has experience with .NET.

DotVVM started as our internal project, but very soon it turned out to be interesting for other companies as well. That’s why we released it as open source project, and started to develop and sell commercial extension – ready-made components that save even more development time. We have also built an extension for Visual Studio that helps developers to work with this framework easily and makes them even more productive. DotVVM is currently used by hundreds of companies from over 40 countries around the world. We speak at major conferences about DotVVM and provide support, service level agreements and individual consulting.