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We help to accelerate your digital transformation. Get quality data for decision-making, reduce production costs, and lower your environmental impact.

Optimize your production with ManuTRAQ


Measure machine efficiency and energy consumption

Collect real-time production data and use it to increase efficiency. Eliminate downtime and get more precise pricing data.

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AI-powered production planning and optimization

Schedule your production operations using artificial intelligence to optimise machine utilisation, minimise downtime, or save on variable energy prices.

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Organize tasks for your service technicians

Schedule and supervise service incidents. Have up-to-date information about progress of any task. Use the mobile app to provide your technicians all relevant information. Track consumed material and billable expenses.

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Smart production time tracking

Do you know what your operators spend their time on? Aren't they waiting unnecessarily for colleagues or supplies? Do you have up-to-date information on the progress of all orders?

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Traceability of parts and material

Follow the journey of each part through the entire production process. Identify where the supplies are accumulating, being lost, and suggest measures to reduce inefficiencies.

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Build your own product configurator and track your prices

Shorten and simplify your sales and price calculations. Create your own product configurator from your own Excel sheet. Allow your customers to immediately see indicative prices or delivery dates. Periodically evaluate profitability and respond rapidly to changes in material prices.

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Why ManuTRAQ?

Easy connection to your existing ERP / MES
Highly customizable and extensible
Implementated in matter of weeks
API integration for third party apps
Modern and continuously improved solutions
Runs on your own infrastructure or in the cloud